CRD-300WT – Ceiling Radiation Damper, For Use with Greenheck SP-AP or SP-LP Fans

The CRD-300WT series dampers are classified to function as a heat barrier in air handling penetrations through fire resistive membrane ceilings. They are intended to maintain the fire resistive integrity of the ceiling. They can only be installed in conjunction with the SP-AP or SP-LP fan models shown and cannot be installed alone.
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Vendor: Greenheck

Greenheck model CRD-300WT is a specification-grade UL listed ceiling radiation damper designed to be used with Greenheck ceiling exhaust fans.

The installation instructions outlined in this video show recommended installation procedures. These or other installation methods may be followed subject to the approval of the authority having jurisdiction.

Each CRD-300WT includes the following parts: To complete the installation of the CRD, you will also need a compatible Greenheck ceiling exhaust fan.



Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual